Friday, October 28, 2011

Script Automatic Like status in facebook

1.Silahkan anda login dulu ke Facebook
2. Copy semua code yang berwarna dibawah ini
javascript:var i=0;ex=0;s=0;function EXP_ALL(){ExpandComm = document.getElementsByTagName("input");for(e = 0; e < ExpandComm.length; e++){myClass = ExpandComm[e].getAttribute("class");if(myClass != null && myClass.indexOf("stat_elem") >= 0)if(ExpandComm[e].getAttribute("name") == "view_all")ExpandComm[e].click()}}function JEMPOLERS(){jempol = document.getElementsByTagName("button");for(j = 0; j < jempol.length; j++){myClass = jempol[j].getAttribute("class");if(myClass != null && myClass.indexOf("like_link") >= 0)if(jempol[j].getAttribute("name") == "like")jempol[j].click()};}function JEMPOLERC(){buttons = document.getElementsByTagName("button");for(x = 0; x < buttons.length; x++){myClass = buttons[x].getAttribute("class");if(myClass != null && myClass.indexOf("stat_elem") >= 0)if(buttons[x].getAttribute("title") == "Like this comment")buttons[x].click()};}function updateTime(){ex=ex+1;i=i+1;s=s+1;if (ex==5){EXP_ALL();ex=0};if (s==5){ex=0;JEMPOLERS();s=0};if (i==2){JEMPOLERC();i=0;}}alert('-== By: ==-');updateTime();window.setInterval(updateTime, 1000);void(0)

3. Bersihkan dulu url yang ada di kolom address lalu masukkan/pastekan code itu disana
4.Tekan enter dan silahkan tunggu karena script akan berjalan sendiri memberikan like di semua status teman2 kita.

Note: biasanya nanti kita diberi peringatan saat kita sudah me-Like banyak status temen kita, karena dianggap spam, biarkan saja dan tutup halaman itu dan ganti aja ke halaman/tab yang baru. lihatlah sekarang semua status temen kita sudah kita Like.
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Facebook Auto Like Spam

Auto or facebook like auto status is like an automatic way like / dislike of the status of friends on facebook. Tricks automatic way like I took from mig33indo. Thanks to the help of mozilla firefox addons we can do auto Greasemonkey like on facebook. Greasemonkey add-ons are also a lot of sophisticated addition to their usefulness to facebook
It is easy automated way like / love your friends facebook status but do not be nosy friend later even resentful because of the many notices on their facebook. How do I continue to menggunakkan sich like facebook auto status? Well this is definitely what you want it. Okay how do we begin to move automatically like / prefer the status and the comment you are facebook friends.
Notice before using the auto like facebook:
1. Do not often you'll use them often subject to Roadblock
2. Do not just use it or you'll be your friend in the same hostile
3. Applications or add-ons Greasemonkey is only valid for mozilla firefox browser because it is on trial here.
4. Add-ons Greasemonkey is only valid on the computer / pc and does not apply to your PC or laptop if your friend did not install Greasemonkey.
5. I do not provide a screenshot so put them into practice if you want to see it.
6. Finally use it wisely.
Before starting the installation process should auto connect facebook status like PC or laptop to the internet and Prepare your abilities, they can not tell your friends to help.
Steps to use facebook like auto status and comment:
1. Install mozilla firefox if you have not installed>>> download mozilla firefox
2. Install add-ons Greasemonkey >>> Install Greasemonkey
3. Install facebook auto like >>> install auto like
if you follow the above process correctly then you are able to do automatically like / prefer the status and comment your friends on facebook.

Facebook Spam Comment :
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